Each year, HEDI will tackle a thematic problem in ecology and design: Food Systems in 2019-20. The initiative will sponsor workshops, seminars, community events, and art exhibitions oriented around the focal theme each year, as well as an annual design competition for interdisciplinary teams of students from Johns Hopkins and other local universities. Participants and collaborators will soon have the chance to share their work via a new blog-based web magazine called Flume.

Our fall 2019 Food Systems events include a foraging workshop, a Garden Party at JHU’s community garden, a food and environmental justice symposium, several “confab” seminars, and a hackathon and pitch event for our first annual Student Ecological Design competition. Check out our events for more details.

Stay tuned for spring 2020 Food Systems events, including an “Afterlives of Food” composting workshop, a DIY mycology event, a food science tasting meal, “confab” seminars, and the installation and judging of our Student Design Competition finalists.